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The first producer to rush to meet the demand for more Sci-Fi Adventure was legendary producer director Roger Corman who gambled on making the biggest picture his studio, New World Pictures, had ever undertaken. He hired a bunch of hungry, talented filmmakers to produce Battle Beyond The Stars including future award winners James Cameron, John Sayles, Robert and Dennis Skotak, James Horner, Gale Ann Hurd, Jimmy Murakami and many others…including the author of this book, ACE, Emmy, and Peabody award-winning editor Allan Holzman, ACE.


Taken from Holzman’s diary during production, Celluloid Wars offers an insider’s view of the production headaches that turned into lifelong lessons and the thought process behind the “Roger Corman School of Filmmaking.” This is a case study of a film that according to, “succeeds in being a fresh, fun, charming sci-fi romp with some excellent effects, and damn fine music.


You’ll see it all – the highs, the lows, the winners, and the losers, and all the drama in between – from the point of view of the editor who had to weave all of these different elements and emotions together to help create one of the most successful movies ever produced at New World Pictures, launching a dozen movie careers, and changing the face of Hollywood forever.

“I love Celluloid Wars more than I thought possible. The color pictures and salty text really tell an unusual and fascinating story, detailing exactly how films were produced by Roger Corman during that incredible period in the early 1980s."

---Jim Wynorski, director Chopping Mall, author, It Came From Outer Space.


"Roger Corman and New World Pictures from the 1960’s thru the 1980’s was boot camp for Hollywood filmmakers – Today every aspiring storyteller should be required to read Allan Holzman’s first hand account of all that is necessary to make a movie.”

---Andre Morgan (producer of Oscar winning Million Dollar Baby)


"The book is a must read for anyone interested in the process of making a film.”

---- David Irving, Professor, Academic Director, NYU Film School

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CELLULOID WARS: The Making of Battle Beyond The Stars


“This is a must have book that also features some great bonus interviews with model builders and FX legends Robert and Dennis Skotak and Battle’s costume designer Durinda Wood.”


“An engrossingly visual and photo-packed journal that's as fun as it is fascinating.”


“Celluloid Wars feels like the reader is in the moment, down in the film production trenches with the cast and crew- trying to make spaceships out of egg crates.”


“Packed with stills, both production and from behind the scenes, they did not skimp on style  as the book is laid out a lot like an extended issue of Star Log magazine with nice graphics and a fun sci-fi feel.”


“A fascinating look at filmmaking, especially from the perspective of the unsung editing process. It’s also a fun look back at how legendary producer Roger Corman made movies back then and a nostalgic look at how some now acclaimed film talents like James Cameron, John Sayles, James Horner, Gale Anne Hurd, and Holzman himself, started out.”

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